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I'm Julia, alias pakastinprinssi, and I'm a cosplayer from the southwestern archipelago of Finland. I attended to my first anime convention in summer 2010 and later in 2012 I made my first sewn cosplay with a help of my grandmother. My love for cosplay has only grown over the years and it still makes me as happy as it did when I started! But to be honest if you ask me what is the best part of making cosplay it's definitely styling wigs.

I've already made several costumes from different anime series and games, but only for my own enjoyment. This is the first time I'm taking my creation on a stage so I'm very excited! See you at Tracon!


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Facebook: Tamameru Cosplay
Instagram: @tamameru

Hello everyone, I'm Tamameru! Cosplay has been big part of my life since 2010. I'm always ready to challenge myself because that's how I can grow as a cosplayer. During the last year I've stepped out of my comfort zone and it has shown me new sides of cosplay. But still my favorite part of costume making is working with fabrics. I appreciate beautiful uniforms as much as comfy tracksuits. Importantly, I cosplay characters that I really like.

For the preliminaries I'm making one of my dream cosplays. I can't wait to get on the stage and show my love towards the character. Good luck my fellow competitors and let's make a great show!



Hiya! I have been a part of the Finnish cosplay and convention community for nearly 10 years now, and my journey started from Tracon III in 2008. It has been wonderful and I’ve gained so many friends and new experiences along the way.  When it comes to cosplaying, I like to make people laugh and I like to put on a bit of a show. Trying out different techniques and watching the fabric get pieced together with the sewing machine are my favorite parts of the construction process. The main thing to remember is to not take it so seriously!



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Twitter: @hirnuperna

Sup! I’m Pyry, a soon-to-graduate clothing artisan student. I also go by @ hirnuperna on Twitter.

I first tried my hands on making costumes about three to four years ago. It took me a while to actually start focusing on cleaner working. After making lots of mistakes and, luckily, learning a lot because of my constant failures I thought I’d like to get familiar with competing and performing too. I’m growing more and more nervous every day since this is going to be my first time on a bit bigger stage... Then again, I’m really looking forward to this experience. I’m always ready to learn and improve my skills in all ways possible, and what would be a better way than trying your best on a chance like this!  

FankiFox Cosplay

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Facebook: FankiFoxCosplay

Hello! My name is Joonas and I have been cosplaying for five years. My favorite things in cosplay are makeup and making hats. I always want to try something new and that way I'm pushing myself away from my comfort zones. I have been competing in several cosplay competitions and now I'm SO READY to compete in the NCC! Let's all have fun and ALWAYS enjoy the show! 



Photo by: Arto Lehtonen

Hello, I am Mia Lehtonen, also known as MiiCosplay or miisleh. I have been cosplaying for 10 years now. I have been competing in various competitions for a couple of years now after a competition bee stung me. I hope everyone still likes to see me on stage!

This year I have had amazing judges and given many tips and advices how I can improve. I have learned from that and put it to use in this costume and skit.

My strenghts are definately with sewing, though I love prop making and tinkering. I have a stage fright but regardless I love being on stage! My goal is to have fun at the stage and meet all the amazing people during this experience. Let's have a great competition!



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Hi! My name is Petra "Mamie", I also use name "arkhamcosplay". I'm 23 years old and I started cosplaying when I was 12-13 years old. I already cosplayed in my first convention and then I also attented my first cosplay competition. But so far I have participated competitions only two times. 

I haven't performed many times previously and I'm also shy and a bit awkward in front of the camera. But I'm still trying to do my best!

I love cosplay and it has been part of me for a very long time. I like to use pvc or latex styled fabrics for my cosplays and I love to do props. Usually I start to make my costumes only month before convention! 


My name is Henna Mikama and I have been cosplaying for almost 4 years now. 
My favorite part about cosplaying is trying to find cheap and creative ways to build the costumes. I love finding fabrics and accessories in thrift shops and I make all of my costumes by hand. My cosplays are usually made out of scrap fabrics, paint and foam. 



Instagram: @sieggu

Hello! I’m Sieggu from Helsinki. My first cosplay was in 2005 and cosplay has been a beloved hobby for me since then. I have a hate-love relationship especially with wig styling – sometimes everything works on the first try but sometimes I’m almost ready to give up. For the NCC I’m making the biggest wig I have ever made.

For me cosplay is far more than just making a costume and it has given me many friendships and hopefully will continue doing so. I do a lot of group cosplays with my cosplay group called Cosplay-Jedit (you can find us on Facebook). First time I performed on stage at CosplayGaala 2010 with my group. This is my first time competing alone in years. I’m looking forward to try my wings out in a solo competition too!


Photo by: Mialiina Cosplay Photography

Hi! I'm Roro and this is my third year trying to get to represent Finland in the NCC. My costume for the competition has been planned or over a year and I hope everyone will enjoy my performance. 

AlanaLana Cosplay

Facebook: AlanaLana Cosplay

I have been cosplaying since 2007. Back then I had no idea how to sew but I really wanted to make costumes so I taught myself, increasing the difficulty costume by costume. After a two year hiatus I recently returned to cosplay and for the first time also started competing in order to meet new people and get better at my craft. I love learning new things and gaining insight from fellow cosplayers. This is the first time I am competeing in the preliminaries for an international contest and my first time ever doing a cosplay skit. I am very much looking forwards to the experience!

Volpi Cosplay

Photo by: Matias Tukiainen

Instagram: @volpicosplay
WorldCosplay: VolpiCosplay

Hi! I'm Liisa Luukka, also known as Volpicosplay. I started cosplaying 7 years ago, and this is my second time at the NCC preliminaries. I got into competing last year and have loved it since.
My favourite thing about cosplay is making the research for the costume and then building it.  I like to use different materials and come up with new ideas and try new things.
I'm really hyped for the upcoming competition and I hope to have more nice memories.
See you at NCC!


I am Elina Wättö. Happy,personal and bright young girl, 22 y.o.
Behind my design work I am a.... The Leader of Akatsuki Group, Pein.
Even my work eats a lot of my time, I still have energy to do cosplay costumes for hobby.
Pein-costume is full home made and now I am makeing it new for the competition.
I am Super excited for this! and waiting for FUN TIME!

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